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Warburn Poll Dorsets


The Poll Dorset breed was developed in Australia for Australian conditions and has the ability to overcome harsh seasonal conditions. The breed has proven to be a top performer and has evolved rapidly over the years in order to meet the requirements of the ever changing lamb market.

The Poll Dorset is now one of the largest terminal prime lamb sire breeds in Australia. It is estimated that the Poll Dorset breed makes up a large amount of the prime lambs required annually by the industry. 




Characteristics of Poll Dorset's


  • Rapid Growth

  • Early Maturing

  • High lambing rate with ease of lambing

  • Capable of breeding at any time of the year

  • Superior fleshing, muscular development, and leanness

  • Suited for a variety of climatic conditions

  • Renowned for superior taste and tenderness



Warburn Poll Dorset Stud started in 1968 with the purchase of 5 Poll Dorset ewes in lamb from “Broughton" , together with a number of Warburn Dorset Horn ewes. A further purchase of 17 ewes and a Poll Dorset Ram “Broughton” 126.68, was made a year later, with the full transfer of Warburn Dorset Horn stud ewes four years later. This lead to many more selections of rams over the years such as Valma 36.74, Broughton Tr 103.73, Armdale 141.77(1st woolly pairs Cootamundra. Armdale 361.83 purchased for 3,200. Elouera 473.78( 1st shorn Sydney) Elouera 536.81 (1st 2 tooth shorn Sydney) Elouera 381.82 1st woolly pairs Cowra Purchased for 2,400. Warburn 59.85 1st 2tooth ram Albury. Great success has been achieved by the use of theses top sires.


In 1988 marked the purchase of the “Beredale” Poll Dorset Stud and the purchase of Karrawina 460.87, a Highly Commended Melbourne Show Ram entry, becoming the first New Zealand blood ram to be use in our Stud. This followed by another N.Z. purchase in 1993, of Deepdene 175.92. In partnership with J. Prentice "Kurralea". This saw the new generation Poll Dorset, longer and taller with cleaner faces. Several other influential rams used are Kurralea 110.93, winner of the Balmoral Trophy 1994, Melbourne Royal Meat Elite 411.93 top Lambplan ram for many years and Kurralea 482.96, who's top seven sons averaged $6,300 at their annual sale. In 1996, Kurralea 361.95 Reserve Champion Adelaide Royal, his dam Warburn 1.92 by Deepdene 175.92. This ewe has bred 3 top stud rams including K77.98 which sold for $8000.


Warburn introduced many sire over the years by using Artificial insemination (AI) which lead us to improve and gain sheep with plenty of length, muscling and size. Kurralea “five star” 211.98 used in (AI) was unbeaten in the single bare shorn class at all four major show’s in 1999 and is the most used and talked about ram in decade. In 2008 the purchase of Kurralea 377.07 a long smooth correct ram with terrific loin & hindquarters. This ram has just clicked so well with our ewes and has giving us a big boost.


In 2010 Warburn purchased Ulandi Park 23.08 “buddy” Reserve Senior Champion ram Adelaide Royal and 1st Pair of rams Melbourne Royal.

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