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Warburn Prime SAMMs

Prime SAMM's are an exciting new breed of sheep introduced into Australia from South Africa in recent years to cater for the growing industry demand for a higher quality, lean, export and domestic lamb carcass.


Originally known as the German Mutton Merino, the first ten ewes and rams were imported to South Africa from Germany in 1932 by the department of Agriculture for a breeding program. Through selection for better wool quality and conformation, the uniqueness of the South African breed was recognised in 1971 when the breed name was changed to the South African Mutton Merino. The breed was introduced into Western Australia in 1996 from South Africa. The breed then changed its name in Australia to Prime SAMM (South African Meat Merino).


Prime SAMM's are well suited to the Australian environment and have the ability to thrive in tough conditions.

Characteristics of Prime SAMM's:

  • An excellent dual purpose polled sheep with Merino wool

  • No Contamination

  • Suitable for domestic lamb market or heavy export trade

  • Low fat score on heavy weight carcass

  • Good muscling and conformation

  • High dressing percentage

  • Adaptable to its environment 

  • Exceptional in dry conditions

  • Efficient feed conversion

  • Protective mothering with ease of lambing

  • Self replacing

  • High fertility

Warburn Prime SAMM's


As producers of two terminal sires breeds, we wanted to improve the maternal side of lamb production. This saw the introduction in 1999 of this exciting new breed to our stud with the purchase of “Wyvern” 252.96 “Bob” Grand Champion at the Western Australian RAS in 1997, and then in 1998 winner of the Grand Champion for the 1 1/2 yrs & over. Trials so far are showing good results in growth rates, leanness and eye muscle. 


In July 2000, we purchased Cullam 806.99 Reserve Champion at the Bendigo Sheep & Wool Show. Then in April 2002, eleven Esperance Prime SAMM ewes in lamb were purchased to further continue our breeding program.


In 2003 at Dubbo Prime SAMM sale Warburn Stud purchased Quintarra 62.02 also we started Artificial insemination (AI) which lead us to use top SAMM sires from around Australia such as Closeburn 114.04 who was reserve Champion Dubbo,2004 and was 175KG as two tooth and a few years later came the use of Rockdale 284.05 1st, Perth Royal was introduced into the AI program for 2006 .In May 2004 we Purchased 6 Gracefield Ewes and also entered our SAMM's at the Dubbo Show and Then in July 2004 at the Australian Sheep and Wool Show our SAMM's did extremely well, with four sheep entered and all winning a 1st place, plus Reserve Champion ram. 


In 2006 we entered at Dubbo Show taking out Reserve Champion Ram and Junior Champion Ewe, then going off winning Reserve Champion Ewe at Bendigo a few Months later.


In recent years we have concentrated on breeding our SAMMS to be structurally correct well muscled with high growth rates and still carrying their wool qualities.

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