Poll Dorset Sires


Warburn 190024

Pedigree & ASBV's


2019 keeper

Warburn 180107

Pedigree & ASBV's


Excellect loin and hindquarters.

Warburn 160101

Pedigree & ASBV's 

Highest ram in 2016 scanning.

Warburn 160117

Pedigree & ASBV's

2016 keeper Excellent wedge shape body.

Warburn 120118

Pedigree & ASBV's


A big solid ram, highest scan Poll Dorset ram 2012 drop.

Ulandi Park 23.08 "Buddy"

Pedigree & ASBV's


Reserve Senior Champion Ram Royal Adelaide Show

1st pair of rams Adelaide, Melbourne & Gawler Show

1st Shorn Ram Lamb 2008 Royal Melbourne Show

Purchased for $5000

Warburn 130164

Pedigree & ASBV's


A big stretchy ram. Stood out from an early age

Kurralea  070377

A long smooth correct ram with terrific loin and hindquarter

Pedigree & ASBV's