Warburn Stud has been totally committed in serving the prime lamb industry for over 50yrs.


All our lambs are weighed and tagged at birth, along with their dam and sire recorded. At 100 days all lambs are weighed and recorded, then at 200 days lambs are weighed and scanned by an accredited operator for muscle and fat depth. All this information is then processed by Lambplan.


We select proven sires and retain rams that will best suit our clients and their conditions. At joining we select a ram either using AI or paddock joining to best suit a particular ewe. When retaining ewes all classing and selecting are assessed visually first they must be structural sound before any ASBV (lambplan) is used.

Breeding Aims


We aim to produce sheep that are:

  • Fast maturing to produce earlier lambs.

  • Excellent muscling visually and through scanning.

  • Ease of lamb with low birth weights.

  • Very structurally sound.

  • Free of wool on the face and other clean breaches.

  • Able to perform in all environments.

  • Highly fertile.



Animal health


Warburn prides our self on maintaining a high standard of animal health such as:

  • Ovine johnes disease accreditation

  • Ovine brucellosis accreditation no Y156

  • ALL sheep are vaccinated 6.1 and drenched

  • Footrot free

  • Lice free

  • Hypotrichosis free