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Prime SAMM Sires

Lawral Park  188134
Warburn 150039

No image available

Sire: Belmore 130156

Excellent bare breach, thick ram with plenty of meat in the loin and hindquarters.

Warburn 135.14

Supreme Champion ram NSW sheep show Dubbo.


Sire: Warburn 53.10


Warburn 53.10

No image available

Sire: Warburn 130.07

Dam: Warburn 125.04


Kept for his correctness and fine wool. Excellent bare breach

Warburn 130.07

Sire: Rockdale 284.05 (1st, Perth Royal) 

Dam: Warburn 68.03 (Res. Champion Ewe, Bendigo & Dam of Res. Champion Ram at Dubbo   


Warburn 153.06

Sire: Closeburn 114.04 (Res. Champion Dubbo, 2004. 175kg as 2 tooth)

Dam: Warburn 96.02


Warburn 212.05

Sire: Warburn 116.04

Dam: Warburn 68.03 (Reserve Champion Ewe, Bendigo)


Reserve Champion Ram at Dubbo   

Warburn 99.02

Sire: Romilly Hills 46.98

Dam: Esperance 1566.98


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